Please accept our Invitation to Join

For decades, the Arab Australian Community missed many opportunities to come together in a united umbrella organization, capable of reflecting its very significant size, to strongly advocate for its essential political, economic, and cultural interests.

Since 2018 a group of Arab Australian activists worked tirelessly to establish such an organization.

I am pleased to now announce the founding of the ARAB AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION Inc, hence referred to as AAF Inc. Its founding members are a group of individuals and community associations, led by an interim Executive Committee. A carefully thought-out constitution was drafted and AAF was formally registered with the relevant NSW authorities.

We are now launching a membership campaign for both Arab Australian individuals and associations to join this important initiative; based on AAF’s objectives and constitution. Our strength is in our numbers and members’ committed contribution to our platform. We envision holding our first NSW conference in 2021 to prepare a plan of action and elect our first executive as soon as Covid-19 restrictions permit.

I hereby enthusiastically call upon our community to join this crucial effort.

Category A – Constituent Body

Pricing Table

Sub-category i

$50fees+$500 / yr

A constituent body with up to 50
effective members, one delegate, and two alternate delegates.

Sub-category ii

50fees+$750 / yr

A constituent body with 51 to 150
effective members, two delegates, and three alternate

Sub-category ii

50fees+$1000 / yr

A constituent body with 151 or more
effective members, three delegates, and four alternate delegates.

Category B – Individual Membership


10fees+$50 / yr


50fees+$100/ yr